Sunday, July 4, 2010

finished commission

It's been a while I've been here on my beloved blog, but sometimes life gets in the way.
I've been posting the progress of this commission earlier and I've finally finished it for my dear friend. It will be used in her gift shop as a sign at the window. I will have to go back to take a better pic, because this didn't turned out so great.
I wish her the best of luck with her new venture and hope this dear angel will watch over her and her business. :)

Wishing you all dear blog friends a wonderful, happy and creative summer! :)


  1. Nice! And I LOVE those clouds!!! Absolutely soft and puffy ; )

  2. It turned out really nice! I love the clouds.

    It's nice to see you online!

  3. Hello Katalin, I hope you're well? :)

    Now, this is such a stunning piece! I love how the innocence and tranquility stand out. The lighting is very beautiful, the whole piece is shining. :))

  4. Oh it's wonderful...your friend is lucky to have this as a sign for her shop & your lucky to have had a friend commission you...lovely work again Katalin.

  5. oh how nice to read these kind comments..thanks to you all!

  6. are SO very sweet to have visited the new site..thank you for your wonderful words..they mean so much to me. I am also so psyched that you found the sketchbook part fun...I am partial to that site for some reason as it was really nice to put some of my unfinished sketches up there just because.

    What a beautiful should be so proud of it, as I'm sure your friend is thrilled with such a gorgeous piece. Have a wonderful summer ahead and thank you again!

  7. Heisann!
    Welcome to my blog. Hope you find some posts you will enjoy. I think we have some interests in common ;:OD)


Thank you for your kind feedback, it is much appreciated! :)