Thursday, April 22, 2010

today's suprise

I've received a lovely mail today from my blogger friend Mandy Saile of  Bijou's Whimsy!
I fall in love with her unique, cheerful and whimsical illustrations and I just had to own one of my favorites 'Inertia Creeping'. The detailing in her work is just amazing and I'm so happy to see it up-close! If you haven't visited her blog yet then hop over to see her wonderful illustrations!
Thank you so much for the surprise 'treats'  Mandy! I love them all! :)

(now i just have to find the perfect frame ;)
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Szia! Nagyon örülök, hogy jöttél hozzám. Honvágy enyhítésére vagy bármely más okból is gyere, ha kedved van! Pihenni, nézegetni, beszélgetni... Én is jövök, úgy látom, hogy kedvemre való a blogod!:-)

  2. Nekem is az 'Inertia Creeping' az egyik kedvencem!

  3. Oh My goodness Katalin, ha ha...thanks so much. I am just so glad your happy with the package. Here I am scrolling through your blog catching up and I was like "Heh thats my stuff..." ha thanks for the mention. I'll go back to my blog right now and link to you again:D I am also going to check out That link Eat Love Paint and your girls blogs as well:D Be Well Katalin, Hugs, Mandy XOXO

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Hard not to smile when I see her work! :D


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