Thursday, January 7, 2010

IF: renewal

Happy and creative new year to you all!
Here's my take on this week's theme renewal....after days of snow fall I was thinking about how the snow covers up everything in my backyard with a white fluffy blanket...including the tulip bulbs that peacefully sleeping underground and waiting for renewal and grow into a beautiful they do every spring.
The bulb was drawn on handmade paper and attached to the watercolor background.

I had another idea for this topic and I couldn't decide which one to I will post this one too. The idea for this came from my youngest daughter's teddy bear Honeycomb. It's still her favorite toy that she can not part with and sleep without so it comes with us everywhere we go..on a now a well traveled bear :) and who once in a while needs a renewal.

Which do you like best?


  1. Both are great! I think I like the tulip bulb, but probably because it is similar in theme to my own submission. Nice job on both illos.

  2. Mindkét illusztráció nagyon jó ötlet a témára, én is nehezen választottam volna közülük.
    Talán a macis illusztrációra szavaznék, mert kiskoromban nekem is volt egy ilyen macim, amit mindenhová magammal cibáltam, és amikor már úgy nézett ki, mint egy rongy, akkor kaptam egy új macit, de nekem akkor is csak a régi, szakadt mackóm kellett.
    Nagyon helyesek a képeid! Boldog új évet Neked is!


Thank you for your kind feedback, it is much appreciated! :)