Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the ruler (Kacor kiraly)

Inspired by this Hungarian folk tale that I watched so many times in my childhood. I think even those who don't understand the language can enjoy the beautiful Hungarian animation! :)
I just love these wonderful and magical folk stories!


  1. Oh, I do like him, Katalin! Those piercing eyes, are unbelievable. Makes me want to look away from his gaze! Beautiful work. :))

  2. Lindo trabalho Katalin. Parabéns pela sua criatividade.

  3. Lovely drawing.
    Thanks for creating a link to the animation. It's a beautiful work. I don't know much about hungarian animation but I remember the first time I watched one made by Marcell Jankovics and I was really impressed.

  4. Heisann!
    Your character is a shot if you understand what I mean! I enjoyed the animation even though I did not have sound turned on...
    Have a nice Sunday ;:OD)

  5. THANK YOU ALL for the lovely comments!

    Ana, Marcell Jankovics is an amazing graphic artist, animator and author!I love his animations! I'm glad to hear you know his work too!

  6. The animation is so poetic, now the cartoons are not like this anymore..
    And, I like the painting as well :)


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