Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IF: early

There's a Hungarian proverb that says "Aki koràn kel aranyat lel." meaning "Who wakes early finds gold."
For this week's theme word early my inspiration came from a memory. As I used to live in a village I remember waking for the crowing sound of a rooster at the break of dawn.

A common character in Hungarian folk tales the rooster symbolizes honesty, pride, courage, vigilance, strength and other different things in different cultures. 
The ancient Greeks believed the rooster rose to attention and saluted the sun every morning with a hearty cry, symbolizing victory over night.
In Christianity the rooster is noted for crowing three times after Peter denied Christ. As such, it became a symbol for Christ’s passion. 
To this day the rooster seen on a weather vane is steeped in symbolic meanings that deal with watchful vigilance against evil, as weather vanes are commonly seen atop churches and houses.


  1. Wow! This is beautiful Katalin! Love the close-up detail and the tone. Excellent work! I love it!

  2. This is such a warm illo. I love your details. Nice job!

  3. Ah, just look at how proudly he's greeting the sun! Beautiful, Katalin... :)

  4. Wonderful rooster.I love the feather work. He looks as if it might be a little early for him as well.

  5. O, Katalin, ez visszahozott nekem egy csomo emleket, anelkul, hogy "nosztalgikus" vagy "szentimentalis" lenne...

    Nagyszeru fa - kicsit stilizalt, de megis megvan a "tomege", a jellegzetes vonasai.

    Nagyon tetszik az is, hogy barna arnyalatokkal dolgoztal csak!

  6. Wonderful work and I am so hungry for Hungarian folk history! Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and for sharing. I will be a regular visitor.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful drawing! I loved learning about the symbolism too.
    Thank you!

  8. thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!

  9. Hi there, nice to meet you. I have enjoyed reading about the "cock-a-doodle-do" and learning more about the folklore surrounding it.

  10. In England the saying is;
    The early bird catches the worm.

    Love your art and blog.


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