Monday, November 23, 2009

IF: music

What a great topic this week! And so many possibilities to interpret! I love music and I get inspired by it all the time. I'm always listening to music while I'm painting or thing I cannot be without. I grew up playing violin but I realized early on I had more talent to visual arts then music so while my brothers became musicians I pursue art instead.
I have a few works that could fit for this topic, but since some have already been posted on this site I decided to pick one that's not up here yet. It is a painting that brings up happy and sad memories.
The fairies playing a beautiful welcoming song for the princess, who's entering the magical forest....where trees come alive and fairies happily dancing...and where dreams come true .....
This mural  was painted for a little girl who was battling with cancer and wished to be a princess with long hair and fairy wings. She was really happy when she first saw herself in the finished painting and though she could not talk that time she gave me the biggest hug. I never forget that moment. Unfortunately she lost her battle............and we all miss her very much. I hope she is happy now wherever she is.....and maybe....she has wings and she's playing with fairies.


  1. Wow! This is so beautiful! I had fun finding different things in your illustration. The branches of the bush are incredible.

  2. Nice! Someone has a very lucky little girl!
    When I first saw the smaller image I thought it was a digital painting (they tend to have very saturated colours) but there was something too specific about the girls face. A portrait!
    I paint murals too. Less depth / perspective - no portraits! Love to do the wild life:Sample
    Where abouts in Canada are you?

  3. thank you Jack! have you found the face in the clouds? :)

    hey Evelyn! i think your murals are wonderful! i'm in the Niagara area so not too far from you i guess ;)

  4. Amazing, super and really well done work!


Thank you for your kind feedback, it is much appreciated! :)