Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new bookmarks...and a snowy day

Today a snowstorm just passed us here. Winter is in full force still with snow and cold winds, but my mind is on spring already! And not only I'm thinking of the warm weather and blooming flowers but  the upcoming spring art and craft shows that I'm getting ready to. So when life is not getting in the way and when no one is sick in the house, then I can squeeze in some time to find my art table in the corner and start working on things. Like these handmade paper bookmarks that I've finished, though some already got sold to lovely people.

Well, snowflakes are still dancing outside my window......distracting me again.....but they are so beautiful to look at. :)

Have a lovely, wintery February!


  1. Úgy örülök, hogy nekem már van egy könyvjelzőm tőled!

  2. hiszem, hogy tényleg közeleg a tavasz, a hópihék fátylán át:)én is virágokra gondolok, és sok sok napsütésre:))
    klasszak a könyvjelzőid:)))))azok is csupa zene és kedvesség
    különösen az indát trillázó madárka tetszik

    meg a furulyázó királylány



  3. Oh, I love these, Katalin! Especially the owls and the mushroom people, but all are beautiful. I'm sorry that so many of my blogger friends are going through a tough winter. I hope you're keeping warm. :)

  4. Oh Katalin, these are so nice. I LOVE the ones in the 2nd batch espeacially.

  5. these are soooo cute!!! :D winter makes me feel cozy too but I'm SO happy its finally spring!!


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