Thursday, November 11, 2010

...for Remembrance Day

Give us peace
This piece I submitted for a show at a local gallery for the theme Peace of Art.
A desperate prayer for world peace....

(and sorry for the bad quality of the picture but I just finished it before the deadline and I had no time to take a better pic.)


  1. I enjoyed meeting you this evening and love your piece. I've enjoyed browsing your blog! I really love your owl piece "wide awake" as I have an owl who wakes me in the night often. We are showing the BBC series "Life" at 145 and showing part II this Saturday at 6:30 - thought I'd mention it as it's a great family showing. I'll be there with my girls.

  2. Very beautiful! What a lovely theme for a show. Your painting is elegant and expressive. Perfect and very unique.

  3. Beautiful - it sums up the theme perfectly.

  4. Katalin, this is lovely. Somehow I missed this post. Haunting, hopeful and very effective.

  5. Névnapodon minden jót kívánok!:-)


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