Tuesday, August 17, 2010

introducing.....Charlie rabbit

Hi there!
I haven't posted any photographs on this art blog of mine yet, but now I would like to share some photos of our most adorable bunny boy, Charlie, who become part of our family a few months ago. He loves hopping around the backyard and snacking on raspberry leaves or on his favorite, dandelions. He is such a cutey and full of surprises every day! I can't stop smiling when I look at him, he is just soooo sweet! :)

...more photos to come..... :)


  1. AWWEEEE! so cute!!! I would just kiss him!!!! :) ADORABLE!!!!!!!! :) B)

  2. Jaj de edes!! :-) Tunderi kis nyul!:-)

  3. Hi Katalin - lovely work here... and Charlie is quite adorable. I'm particularly drawn to the hedgehog reading, sweet! Happy creating!

  4. OHHHHH WHAT A CUTIE PIE:D Welcome to your new home Charlie sweetie, I am sure it's gonna be a wonderful one:D


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