Friday, December 18, 2009

IF: undone

First I thought I will post my undone illustration for last week's "hatch" topic...but  on second thought I rather post this finished piece that suits for the theme. Though undone has a lot of other this case the cupcake is undone eating by a little mouse...who heard my steps and run away before I could capture him :)
I'm glad I could post an illo for this week's topic... and even better on Friday! Life has been busy for a couple of weeks now...and it's getting even busier before Christmas. Ok...I have to go back to my baking now!'s still undone ;)
size 6"x6", acrylic on canvas


  1. LOL! Your little illustration is making me hungry!! Nice job!


  2. that's tasty looking cupcake! can't blame the mouse! nice work

  3. that cupcake looks so delicious :)


Thank you for your kind feedback, it is much appreciated! :)