Saturday, October 10, 2009

IF: flying

This is a submission for Illustration Friday's topic "flying". I did it with watercolors which is not my usual medium therefore it was really challenging. This was my second try and I'm still not satisfied with it. :(  I tend to overwork watercolors and of course that kills the nice transparent affect. Anyway, it was a good practice and I really needed that. When it was finished my 9 year old daughter came up with a very cute story for my illustration:
Once upon a time... on a warm fall day, a little boy gathered up tons of maple leaves. The little boy always thought about how it felt to fly. The leaves were so cozy that he fall asleep in the pile of leaves. When he woke up he noticed that he was a tiny leaf! Then all of a sudden a big wind blew him away and he was happily laughing that he could fly like the wind. The End.


  1. Very lovely and true for the spirit of the season. Little leaves just keep falling and falling and falliing, but this one has taken some time to enjoy the ride. Very clever interpretation of the theme.

  2. Katalin, I love it. Such charm. I'd like to try flying around like a leaf too :) Sweet story.

  3. I LIKE the colors--and it doesn't seem overworked to me. FUn!

  4. I love how your colors came out - beautiful...



  5. I love the art and the story. What a wonderful mother/daughter collaboration.

  6. thank you so much for your wonderful comments! :)


Thank you for your kind feedback, it is much appreciated! :)